Select Care

Customize your wellness services to meet your personal needs.

Maintaining independence and choice is important to everyone’s well-being. We understand the challenges of care decisions and are committed to ensuring your dignity, comfort and safety.

Our Select Care program provides a little help along the way, offering you choice in the care and services you want, when you need them. This flexible program allows you to customize your care and services as required. Best of all, services are provided by professionals you know and trust.


Personal support (dressing, hygiene) Falls Prevention
Reminders (meals, activities, appointments) Specialized Care/Treatments
Assistance with mobility, transfers Tray Service
Extra baths, housekeeping, laundry services Continence support
Escort to appointments Pet care

Select Care …

is tailored to your individual requests and personal needs

is available 24 hours a day, including holidays and weekends

is delivered by trusted and dependable care associates

offers cost-effective and efficient solutions to meet your personal needs

monitors and assesses our services to ensure your satisfaction

preserves your energy so you can enjoy other more important activities

We uphold the standards of care and regulations as stated in/by the Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority